About us

        FOF locates in BaoShan district of shanghai China. Our main business is to design and manufacture assembly lines for automotive company and electronic company. Our main customers are from Europe and American and also local company of China. The engineers and the managers of FOF have been worked in automotive and electronic company for more than 5 years, We have very good understanding of the system of these companies. As our name, we always focus on future, we have already set up our internal standard based on our experience in the past, and we are updating it according the requirement from our customer.

        Our main products:Automatic assembly line of face mask/disposable mask/surgical mask, Assembly and testing line for parking brake, Assembly and testing line for MTX shifter, Assembly and testing line for ATX shifter, Assembly and testing line for surge tank and washer tank, Assembly and full function testing line for rear-view mirror. Assembly and testing line for parking brake cable, Assembly and testing line for ATX and MTX shifter cable(Push-Pull cable), Robot assembly and welding, Flexible conduit machine, Flexible conduit cutting machine, Cable cutting machine, Optical fiber conduit machine, Car seat assembly line,Latch assembly line, Oxygen Sensor assembly line,Camera system, Automatic screwing, Feeding system, MES Production management system, Online-SPC, Mislabeling system,Atlas,Yaskawa,Fanuc,ABB
        We always use quality system to guide our daily work and assure the qulity of our products. For the quality system we think we need to first understand it well and really use it, If not, it is just a useless paper for us.
        In order to know more about us, please download our presentations in this webpage, Thanks!